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How Should Corporate Mail Be?

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It is important that you have a chart, as every company does. Small companies and large companies create their mails by using some schemes because of the name crowd. Of course, it is most important that your company's domain name is at the end of this diagram.

If you want to return to a corporate structure, you can adapt it to yourself by choosing from the following schemes according to your size.

Two examples of names:


Examples of single names:


If you are a small business owner, we recommend using name@sitename.com. Thus, it is possible to get more accurate e-mails by minimizing the error rate.

If you are a medium-sized company, you may be experiencing problems with e-mails opened with the same name. In this case, the use of abbreviations and surnames is most common. For example emre.g@sitename.com

If you are large and have many users, then it may be to your advantage to use all names. For example, if emre.genc@sitename.com is a middle name, it may be useful to include it as well. For example, r.emre.genc@siteismi.com so that if you have two employees named Emre GENÇ, the mails will not be mixed. The worst feature of this article is that it extends the mail. The desired simplicity and shortness of the mails. In such a use, it may be to your advantage to use this e-mail as re.genc@sitename.com.

When opening company e-mails, it is important to determine which one is more suitable for you by looking at these rules and to continue with the same structure. Since e-mail addresses become more popular as they age, it is very difficult to change them.

The corporate email address should be simple.

Although you can adapt all the above diagrams for yourself, the main thing is simplicity and brevity. This will ensure that the people who will send you an e-mail will make few mistakes. If your name is long and your surname is short, it may be useful to consider this. If you have two names, the first and last name you use is sufficient for most people.

The corporate e-mail address should not contain any other information.

Some companies give their corporate e-mail addresses with prefixes such as HR IT, in fact, this part only makes it difficult to remember the correspondence. The sent person is not interested in what you are doing, he is interested in what the e-mail content is and sends you a message.

Corporate mail must be reliable.

A reliable address, that is, an address that not everyone can get, should be obtained from a domain name that belongs to your company. Emails opened from your company's domains create trust since they cannot be opened by other people. Since free mail is opened as desired in structures such as Hotmail and gmail, the security of the mail is at risk. For this reason, opening an e-mail from an address such as vinegaritismi.com or vinegaritismi.com.tr will make you much more reliable.

The corporate mail inbox rate should be high.

Corporate mailers should not use a host's mail system. The hosting mails of the host are hosted on the same ip. That's why all hosted sites exit on the same ip. This may cause you to be punished for a mistake you did not make. For this, it is useful to switch to a professional structure. You can take a look at the packages we offer below.

Zoho Workplace | Packets

Corporate mail must be secure.

Your corporate e-mails should be protected with extra security, perhaps excluding your sales and marketing staff, and all e-mails in the accounting ceo management department. This protection has varying names in many providers. TFA is one of them. TFA secures your e-mails by ensuring that your e-mail cannot be accessed without verification from a separate device. For example, TFA phone will ask for phone verification every time you log into an account set as SMS. Even if your password is stolen, you will not be able to log in to the e-mail unless your phone is stolen.

Corporate mail should be in a backup structure.

Deductions in corporate mail are not acceptable. For this reason, redundant mails can help you with 99% working rates. Corporate mail structures offer Cloud structures such as Zoho, Exchange, Google. Even if there is an error in the data where your e-mail is located, these structures are removed without you feeling it and you continue to look after your workload.

Corporate mail must be configured correctly.

After receiving the corporate e-mails, you are given some information, the most important of which are your Dkim, Spf, and MX settings. Dmarc can be added later if desired. These settings are vital for your corporate mail. When your mails are not configured correctly, the inbox rate decreases and you start to fall into the spam folder.

Corporate mail should be economical and expandable.

Corporate mails should be in a structure that can expand from small to large in line with the needs. Namely, 30GB of space may be too much for a new member of yours. It also creates an extra burden in terms of cost. Instead, it saves money and saves money by taking advantage of a smaller storage space and a more affordable package.