What is Free Zoho Mail?

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What is Free Zoho Mail Business Mail?

Zoho is a service that provides inclusive services with packages it has created for all small, medium and large businesses. In this article, we will give you information about the Zoho Mail Free package.

How does Zoho Mail differ from other providers?

Zoho Gmail is a provider like Hotmail. There is no professional mail service offered by Hotmail and Gmail for companies for free. Zoho can provide this service to you for free, such as @companyname.com.

What are the limits of this free service?

This service only works with zoho applications, so services such as SMTP, POP or IMAP are not defined for you. This means that you cannot set up and use this account on Outlook or a similar mail client. Zoho comes with a comprehensive Mail client and a rich Mail Client for iOS and Android, so if you don't have to use a program like Outlook, you won't miss it.

In the free version, you provide 5 GB of space and you can send 50 mails / Day. The mails you send between the mail you receive with this external mail, that is, the free account, do not fall from this quota.

In the free account, you can receive up to 5 mails, and you can freeze or delete these mails, each of which is 5 GB, and add new ones.

Why would I choose such a service?

If your financial situation does not allow or you want to keep your initial investment to a minimum, the zoho free package can help you with this. If you need it later, you can switch to one of the paid packages.

With the advantages it offers you, it can enable you to focus only on your business by minimizing the disruptions that may occur in your corporate communication.

We have decided to pass, how can we pass?

The transition process takes place with a few minor adjustments, you can contact us for this process. The link we will leave below is the link that is linked to our partner link. We assist our customers who have registered with this link, on the installation via a support ticket.


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