What is PTR Recording?

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PTR or RDNS records are very important for mail. PTR records are essential to perform RDNS authentication.

Every PTR record must have an A record.

The A record determines the IP address that a URL will go to. In a scenario like this, we have determined the ip of this subdomain name by registering an A to mail.parkajans.com.tr ip. However, when there is no ip PTR (RDNS) record, the Reverse DSN record of our subdomain that we forward with A will be very different. The PTR record comes into play here and creates trust by providing the same address, in our example, mail.parkajans.com.tr, when viewed from the reverse, that is, the ip, with the A record.

Let's give an example below as an assumption that RDNS is not entered. dns.reserve1586.turknet.com

The RDNS record seen in the example does not point to the address we want. This creates insecurity on mail servers and makes it easier for you to be marked as spam. In such cases, it is very important to register your RDNS record with your provider, in our example it was mail.parkajans.com.tr, whatever your address is. In the RDNS record query, our example query should look like this. mail.parkajans.com.tr

If you have not been given a control panel and you have not been authorized to do this, you need to have it done by contacting your service provider and then check it.

You can check the PTR record at MxToolbox Network Tools. You can provide your controls.