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Corporate mail is a must for a company. The purpose of the company e-mail is to control your workflow from the e-mail created with your own domain name. By giving it to all your personnel as @companyname.com, the prestige of the company and possible negative events are prevented.

One of the many benefits of corporate mail is that it can be checked and seen directly if it was sent by the right person. With a glance, it is clear that an e-mail sent from companyname@gmail.com and an e-mail sent to name@companyname.com were sent directly by that company. Just by looking at the e-mail address, we can understand that this e-mail was sent from that company.

While corporate mail is used as name@companyname.com in many companies, it is given as name.surname@companyname.com in large companies. There is no difference between the two. What should be considered here is to ensure that the people who will send you an e-mail can send you an e-mail with the least error. Therefore, the shorter the email is, the better.

Brief advantages

  1. You will have a professional appearance.
  2. Brand awareness is ensured.
  3. You build trust with your customers.

Corporate mails are often confused with Hosting / Web Hosting mails. Here is an issue that arises. In the hosting service, each server has a specific address, namely IP. All of the customers make transactions over this specified ip. In other words, you are not the only one sending mail on your Web host, in this case, you will be indirectly held responsible for an accidental or intentional spam sent by someone else, as the IP will be held responsible.

Within the definition of corporate mail, you should either have a private ip under your responsibility and only you should send your e-mails over this ip. Or, you must have a system that has corporate documents and is approved by authorities, controlled by algorithms.

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