What is Zoho Workdrive?

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Zoho provides online storage for businesses. This storage space increases collaboration within the company. The administrator can provide an organizational structure for who can access which folder and who to collaborate with.

One of the features that distinguishes it from alternatives such as Google Drive, Yandex Disk and DropBox is that it has a fully integrated integration. You don't go to a separate platform and leave the Zoho rooftop.

With Workdrive, you can allocate a folder to each of your departments. Your departments can only work in this folder in line with your permissions, and your other departments cannot access, change or edit the files if you do not give permission.

The usage area is quite wide. For the simplest example, if you are keeping an Excel file for your simple work, you want only the relevant department to make the changes in this file.

Workdrive can run multi-platform. It has apps for Android and apple, and desktop apps for Macos and Windows. It is quite easy to set up and use.

Zoho provides superior data protection. A few of its documents for data protection meet industry-appropriate standards such as SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001. The Zoho data center is monitored and secured by 24/7 cameras. Workdrive uses SSL to prevent data leaks. It secures all your data with RSA-based 2048-bit encryption.

Your data is subjected to virus and malware tests while the Workdrive is discarded. No infected or harmful files are discarded from Workdrive, thus indirectly protecting the systems of your internal employees. Workdrive has an intrusion detection system. If there is an attack attempting to intrude, it will automatically block it.