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Following the interest and orientation in online services after the pandemic process, services such as e-mail, which should be easy to reach and suitable for the budget, began to be researched.

Workspace, renamed by Google, or Microsoft 365, known by its new name, Microsoft 365 services, despite being of high quality and hassle-free, has gained considerable places in the budgets of small, medium and even large companies.

What makes these services popular and widespread is the fact that users communicate seamlessly and keep in touch with the least amount of hassle. All of these services are offered in a cloud structure and over interconnected systems, ensuring redundancy.

As an alternative to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, let us introduce Zoho Mail, which is much more suitable for your mail needs and is just as high quality.

Zoho Mail is much more affordable than other alternatives. In annual purchases, it becomes much more affordable and turns into a price / performance monster. All three mail systems use the same structure on average and focus on redundancy and continuity. The Zoho Mail advantage offers packages for companies of all sizes, from small to large, and prices them according to their size.

If you want to include Zoho Mail Prices in your comparison, you can compare the prices on our order screen by clicking the button below. Please do not forget to look at the prices by selecting the annual fee to see the annual fees.

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